Introducing CPR™: Cost Per Revenue

Get the impressions and clicks for free; you only pay when the sale happens.

The Empyr CPR Network represents 100M+ consumers and 1,500+ websites and apps.

Step 1: You Create a Cash Back Offer for Your Customers

Restaurants, retail stores, local services, etc. create offers like 10% cash back.

Step 2: We Promote Your Offer for Free!

On our partners network, which include search engines, airlines, banks, etc. We promote the offers on their website and app using our unique technology.

Step 3: Consumers Link Debit & Credit Cards

Consumers link their debit & credit cards to to YOUR OFFERS.

Step 4: Consumer Shops at Your Location

Step 1

The consumer simply pays you
with their linked card.
You collect a 100% of the transaction!

Step 2

We Notify your consumer of their reward within seconds.

Step 3

The cash back is deposited monthly in the consumer’s bank account.

Real-time reporting on in-store sales

Track online impressions all the way through to in-store sales. Your real-time dashboard looks great on your computer or your mobile phone.

See Incremental Lift in Sales!

Introducing Cost Per Revenue CPR

Get the impressions and clicks for free; you only pay when the sale happens. The CPR-Network boasts 100M+ consumers, and 1,500+ websites and apps where your business can be seen by your target market—in three easy steps.

Get FREE marketing, and pay only for in-store sales!

Start With CPR™ Today and Get:

  • A 500% ROI. Guaranteed!
  • Pay Only for In-Store Sales.
  • Take the guess work out of your online marketing
  • New customers from a 1,500+ network—Yelp, Bank of America, Virgin Airlines….
  • Earn customer loyalty with cashback offers.
  • Pay only after you get paid
  • Access metrics and results via a dashboard.
  • Know what you pay for, the cost, and how much revenue it created for you.

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