Melanie Berry SEO and Digital MarketerUnderstanding what makes people and organizations hum have led Melanie Berry to the marketing industry’s disruptive-trends—big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it relates to digital marketing. In the last year, she and her team have been diligently working to use big data and AI together in a completely new paradigm that will usher in the next revolution in digital marketing.

Today, Ms. Berry is proud to say that with the use of big-data and AI, her team at Shift The Ocean Marketing, can reliably bring targeted leads, from various points within the buying-cycle, to nearly any virtual or brick and mortar business.

Unlike lesser marketing strategies, Shift The Ocean Marketing uses machine learning to proactively identify—based on behavior, which prospective customer is most likely to purchase a product or service, and will direct that buyer to a specific business through various technologies.

Ms. Berry has been a prolific contributor outside of the digital marketing space.

Management Consulting
For more than three decades, Ms. Berry has served the for-profit and not-for-profit communities as a board member and consultant to companies such as PWC, NASA, Microsoft, and tiny Dot Coms. She has also made significant contributions in the managed care, insurance and pharmaceuticals industries. Most recently, Ms. Berry has worked in the exploding field of Informatics Education for multiple major health and hospital systems.Ms. Berry’s focus has been on coaching top business executives, senior management, and others on the latest in organizational development and change management. Her work has helped organizations and individuals reach their goals, facilitated the implementation of advanced business systems, and brought about change for strategic, financial, and institutional growth.

Ms. Berry is a well-respected, inspirational speaker, life and executive coach, community volunteer, founder of BerryBest Solutions.

Sue Bell
Market Domination Engineer

Sue has applied her logic and programming skills to digital marketing and back-engineering Google to create a holistic marketing plan. Her specialty is designing a blueprint that will allow you to dominate your market.

Caterina Christakos
Profit Engineer

For the last 20 years Caterina has worked as a digital marketing coach and consultant for small businesses across the US. She strives to help small business owners maximize profits by crafting marketing plans that focus on the highest ROI activities

Talal Bader
Ecommerce Profit Architect

Talal's specialties include locating and fixing the friction points on eCommerce sites. This results in increase completed sales. Next steps are enhancements designed to increase purchase amount, and encourage customer loyalty. Result is increased ROI often by 500% or more.