Melanie Berry SEO and Digital MarketerMELANIE BERRY

Business Success Roadmap Coach

When it comes to running a business, the hardest thing to do is to understand the boundaries that comprise your thought structure. I will help you discover those boundaries and eliminate them, providing the opportunity for you to reimagine your business and achieve your goals.

According to my team, my most employed super-power is bringing the tablets of bleeding edge technology down from the mountain and helping you understand what you need to know to make that tech work for your business and your clients/customers.

Today’s disruptive trends consist of a huge array, from Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Micro Content and Nano Influencers. These disruptive elements indicate a completely new paradigm that is ushering in the next revolution in digital marketing.

At Shift the Ocean Marketing, we utilize all of these disruptive trends, as appropriate.

When asked to help a client dominate a market, we start by crafting a customized blueprint, implementing only the strategies needed.

The result is consistent, highly targeted leads, market domination, and the business catapulted to new heights. (check out our case studies here)

Despite all of these exciting changes within digital marketing, there is one thing in business that has not changed and WILL NOT CHANGE:

FIRST and FOREMOST, it’s all about the people. 

One of the biggest failings is that businesses do not adequately identify or understand who their clients and customers are, how they interact with the business’ employees, and how the customers are introduced to and leave their business.  

This affects EVERYTHING!  And it’s another one of those boundaries that is hard to perceive.

Together, we will discover what makes your people and organization work together in order to make it possible to achieve your business goals, and go beyond.


I have been a prolific contributor outside of the digital marketing space.

Management Consulting
For more than three decades, I have served the for-profit and not-for-profit communities as a board member and consultant to companies such as PWC, NASA, Microsoft, and tiny Dot Coms. I have also made significant contributions in the managed care, insurance and pharmaceuticals industries.

My focus has been on coaching top business executives, senior management, and others on the latest in organizational development and change management. 

My work has helped organizations and individuals reach their goals, facilitated the implementation of advanced business systems, and brought about change for strategic, financial, and institutional growth.

I have participated in the exploding field of Informatics Education for multiple major health and hospital systems.

I am available as an inspirational speaker, as well as life and executive coach.

I’m involved in community volunteer projects, and the founder of BerryBest Solutions.


Digital Marketing Industry Visionary & Technologist

Visionary — I know that’s a bold word to use when describing one’s self.  My decades in large-systems database programming has given me the ability to “see” where automation will take digital marketing.  It also affords me insight into the most logical steps Google will need to take while organizing the world’s information.

I have been a software developer and architect for 35 years, 15 of which were as a contractor for the DoD (Department of Defense). I led large teams of developers, coordinating massive government software projects.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve leveraged my software expertise, deep knowledge of SEO, and unique understanding of user engagement to make some of the most powerful software and training courses used by SEO Agencies the world over.


  • Currently partnered with Melanie Berry in Shift the Ocean Marketing.
  • Currently CEO of Semantic Revolution / Market Domination Solutions
  • Previously CEO of Theme Zoom LLC and Network Empire LLC, rated a top 10% Company by Paypal
  • Over 20 years in in the Trenches with SEO and Digital Marketing.
Software Development
  • 2009-2014 – Developed the systematic perpetual marketing approach designed to dominate markets, used today by thousands of SEO professionals.
  • Digital Marketing Technology Visionary (12 Years creating software tools for SEO professionals):
    • Krakken; a SAAS LSI Market Analysis tool capable of breaking vertical markets into segments, demonstrating the value matrix and top competitors of each segment; highlighting the most profitable segments in each market – 2008-2017
    • TLKT and Killer Keywords; SAAS LSI Keyword analysis tool
    • Painfinder; a tool to find FAQs and Pains in your market
    • Various WP Plugins and Themes, including silo plugins that automate the ideal thematic onsite linking structure allowing you to rank for more keywords with fewer inbound links
  • DoD Software Development Contractor for 15 years
Digital Marketing Training
  • Trained over 4000 SEO professionals since 2006, and continues to provide training courses today.
  • Created Industry’s first Online Marketing Certification in 2008 which, by 2014, developed into a 12 month training program with a week-long annual Certification Event.
Rich Boyd
Cyber Security

Rich delivers high-quality, customized solutions for a wide variety of business and government situations, worldwide. He has 20+ years of network experience and 35+ years of work requiring a government clearance. Expertise includes CISSP certification, cybersecurity, cyber operations, terrorism and counter-terrorism.

Caterina Christakos
Profit Engineer

For the last 20 years Caterina has worked as a digital marketing coach and consultant for small businesses across the US. She strives to help small business owners maximize profits by crafting marketing plans that focus on the highest ROI activities

Talal Bader
Ecommerce Profit Architect

Talal's specialties include locating and fixing the friction points on eCommerce sites. This results in increase completed sales. Next steps are enhancements designed to increase purchase amount, and encourage customer loyalty. Result is increased ROI often by 500% or more.