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Our SEO methods will help you leverage Google whether you service a local market, a number of locales, or if your site has customers world wide.

Onsite Optimization

Good rankings start on-page and on-site with attention to more than just content. We'll make sure you are covered with Schema Markup, SSL, and that your site speed rocks.

Optimal Visibility

It's not just about ranking for keywords. It's about showing up when your buyers are trying to find you. It's about market domination, and that includes search engine rankings.

What Makes Us Different

Above and Beyond

Most SEO efforts target 20-30 keywords, however, most markets have between 2,000 and 10,000 keywords. To us, Domination Matters. It’s impossible to dominate a market if you are only trying to tackle the tip of the iceberg.

Competitor Keywords

We start with a Competitor Keyword Gap Analysis. We look at your competitors, what they are ranking for and what’s bringing them traffic. Then we compare it against your site’s rankings and chart the priority for filling that gap.

Owning the Market

But we don’t stop there (unless you want us to) we go further to discover ALL of the keywords in your market, from educational keywords that are used early on in the buying cycle to the more obvious high buyer-intent keywords. By starting with educational keywords you get people into your funnel early in the buying cycle. Then you can educate them as to why YOUR products and services are the ONLY solution to their pain. Finally, when it comes time to buy, purchasing from YOU will be a foregone conclusion.

The Entire Market

AND we do this for each  persona/avatar that defines one of your buyers.

Because Grandmothers use different keywords from Moms. And men think differently from women.

Following Your Buyer's Journey

So we start there, with your avatars and their individual buyer’s journey, and we craft a conversation (using keywords) that will talk to them from their inception .. that very first search .. all the way through to purchase.

But Wait ... There's More

We don’t just do SEO .. talk to us for more information about how we map these conversations across platforms and channels, so the conversation follows your prospects where ever they go, to give you a holistic approach to your marketing.

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