Our results driven digital marketing services are designed to increase your bottom line. They engage your prospects in a discover process that demonstrates why your products are what they need.

OnePage Websites

A one page website improves your chances of a visitor taking whatever action you’d like them to complete.

Multi-Page Websites

More than just beautiful, our websites are hand crafted with conversion results as the driving factor behind every nuance.

Market Domination Battle Plan

Those who want to WIN the Game of Business employ our strategy for UBIQUITY

Local Ranking Domination

Without search engine visibility your business has gone unnoticed – and potential customers have passed you by... Until now.  Rank for hundreds or even thousands of location specific keywords.

Penalty Recovery

So many things can keep you from ranking for your primary keywords.  Suppression penalties for keyword over-use, bad backlinks, low content pages, and much much more.  We can help.


We Specialize in Market Domination

Site Analysis

Get a detailed report of the status of your site in minutes - on us.  Because EVERYONE should know if there is anything wrong with their site.

Building You Brand

Good marketing needs a solid foundation.  Our team has been doing this since before the internet was a "thing" ... we are pretty darn good at it.


In this new age of search engines, is SEO still important?  93% of  ALL online experiences START WITH A SEARCH ENGINE.

App Development

Generate more sales and keep your audience engaged with an app tailored for your business.

Paid Promotions

Attraction marketing is good - but it only gets you so far.  Paid promotions let you reach the other 97% of your market.

AI and Big Data

Today's bleeding edge in digital marketing.  Shift the Ocean Marketing can help you navigate these waters and come away with some VERY big fish.